New Snow

For those of you that live in the warm countries, a little video for you enjoyment after the new snow. (11 seconds)

For those of you still stuck in the snow, my apologies. This crew comes to visit every morning. I do like this part of living here!


Where two or three are gathered…parody

“Where two or three are gathered together, there will I be also”. These could be Jehovahs Witnesses missionaries, but one didn’t stay behind in the car. Below is a lone set of footprints. This one is ripe for poetry as the lord carried this turkey through his trials.

Turkey tracks always point the way back home. What a beautiful allegory! I just love how god shows us his power through natures wonders!

I have a lot of turkey and deer poop in the yard during winter. Our house is a safe zone and we feed them. Winters here are pretty hard. I am an Atheist.