Customer Service

I had to buy another mattress. It’s always sticker shock when it comes to this overpriced foam, but I bit the bullet. We’ve bought 6 mattresses at this same store over the last 2 years since it’s the closest and usually have some good closeout models that work fine for us.

I got a follow up phone call today to thank me for the purchase and being a loyal customer. It was a voice recording from Houston, Texas. “Thank you for your recent purchase at ——. We value your business and appreciate you shopping with us”. It then went on to try to sell me more items. Really? A recording? The same message every shopper in the USA gets? Wow. Thanks.

I am used to hearing the same messages though. Enter religion. How many different messages have we heard to sell the same story? Over and over fighting battles we’ve already won, but enough uneducated new blood takes our place and buys their faith crap with conviction. If they can just word it right, maybe I’ll get it? Selling what is equivalent to any non functioning piece of equipment with a bow on it to make it look better than it is. Once you tear it apart to try and see how it works, buyers remorse kicks in. Only the buyer continues to excuse the seller. What a business model that is! Faith is selling your soul and your sensibility to a used car salesman that rocks the sales floor, but continues to sell lemons. We need a religions lemon law, with a money back guarantee when the truth is discovered.