House Update

Amazing what a few can do when you just keep at it.

Drywall up and down done, painted inside and out with hardwood done. Cleaning day tomorrow, bathroom tile, doors, trim, electrical trim, kitchen, appliances and Done!! One more week or so. Tired but happy. It’s perfect!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

39 thoughts on “House Update”

    1. They’ll be shiny tomorrow. From here on all the cutting done outside. Thanks Ben. I’m also building a pallet kitchen with a copper farm sink. Be my first attempt at such a rustic endeavor.

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    1. My daughter drew this one. It’s hard to get a feel for it but it’s a great layout. I’ll try to do a video walkthrough when it’s done. (If I can walk anymore) wood floors hard on the old knees. Thanks Meow

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            1. I think it’s the best for 1400 feet and a family. Having that center for the stairs, laundry and bath was pretty genius. Open areas and private areas. Problem with a lot of open concept/greatrooms is you can hear everyone from everywhere. This solved a lot of that.

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            2. Yes, open, & private where it needs to be. My house is 1120 sq. ft. but I wish it was a little larger. The layout isn’t bad but we don’t have en suite, & I wish we did, & definitely could use more kitchen space. Luckily the kids aren’t here, or I’d feel really crammed.

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  1. It’s coming along nicely, Jim! Superb workmanship!! I can’t wait to see the finished product. . . I do love any kind of building project.

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  2. Great looking house! I love that floor. That wood is beautiful. I’ve never seen hickory used for flooring before. Beautiful grain and color. Not very commonly used up here. We use mostly oak or maple for wood floors. I like that centrally located bathroom too.

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    1. Thanks Ark. I’m about ready to abuse that hammock for a week or two. I don’t think we’ve had a day off since starting. Regarding your post today, it’s too early here I guess to figure out what the hell he was saying—like a mad man. I’ll stumble back over and use my secret decoder ring and super anticontrafallicicular powers to unlock his ciphers.

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          1. When I first read it, I marked any verse or passage I needed to cross reference, check the name of spelling of etc.
            At first, I sat with encyclopedias to one side and on occasion an atlas. Later, of course, I included the internet.
            This is why when a Dickhead like Kilpatrick states that the bible says nothing about Israelites at Kadesh I simply shake my head and seriously wonder what the hell bible he is reading?

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            1. I heard the Kilpatrick translation has omitted the most damming verses. Glossing over the wheres to find the confirmation biases is typical reading of the buybull.

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            2. It is ridiculous and the surest sign of complete lack of confidence in the text.
              There are at least four (that I know of ) views regarding the Exodus and each one falls flat.
              You get someone such as Friedman who thinks it was just one tribe – the Levites.
              You have the innerantist view – Like Kitchen and then there is the belief of Bryant Woods I think it is , who reckons on a different era.
              And another who bases his view on all the Egyptian borrow words.
              I forget his name.
              And there are others I’m sure.
              But each view encounters major problems when trying to line up with archaeology, as Albright discovered and Dever too.

              Nothing matches! It just will not fit.
              But each proponent of some sort of biblical view cherry-picks to suit their own agenda.
              They even fight among themselves!

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            3. Wood uses the term Reed Sea. But no one has ever figured out where it is, and once you start meddling with the text … well, ‘t’aint quite the Word of the Lawd anymore, now is it?

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      1. They look great. I wish I could’ve talked my wife into those. The wood look tiles in my house turned out okay (I’m not a professional, to say the least), but I think I could’ve done a nicer job with wood.

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        1. They are pretty precise. If you look at the plan, I started in the kitchen, went down the hall and into all the bedrooms, can out the other end of the hall and connected perfectly to the living room. Pretty amazing really.

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