Young Life– What the Hell?

Zoe posted a young life story and link that struck a nerve with me. I have family affected by this cult.

Hercomment—As for (kids) shutting you down, it’s common. Cultish teachings alienate followers from their families, talents and community. They teach that anyone outside the group (you) doesn’t understand, can’t understand and won’t understand. They see themselves as the highest ideal and others as non-enlightened.

Then it becomes all about getting everyone else in the group. In other words, the cause of Christ. They martyr their own identity and authenticity believing they will be rewarded here and in the after-life. It’s insidious and over-whelming and it becomes the focus

my comment—It got my nephew. It’s sickening. He’s oozing with Jesus all day long and life is passing him by. It hard to be around him any more. Everything is young life, young life this, young life that. My brother, an atheist of forty years let him go to camp with some friends. Bam! I don’t care what kind of belief you have, this type of zealousy is the product of a cult. My neuronal compassion goes out to them.


Climate Hoax

The ruling party of religion has controlled society from the top down for a thousand years. Nice job!

The memories of summers past are fading. I remember the Pacific Northwest with the bluest skies in the world, and now because of the climate change hoax, I can’t see the skies through the smoke for 7 years or more. Call off the hoax, join a good church, pray like hell and keep using every resource imaginable. That should clear things up.

The ultimate say in morality is once again, the most damaging model to humanity. Christians have had the majority say in the destruction of our world and not one has taken the lead to end this stupidity. Regardless about how you feel about your faith, the overall picture of what has happened under your watch is disgusting.

I don’t think we’ve had a clear day this month. Thanks climate hoax! Fire season is only six months long now. Good job. Praise the Lawd!

Here’s the air quality in our Beijing NE Washington area today.

Is it something I said?

Me—(Your) Religion has no proof for the existence of god after 2000 years. Can I ask you what facts you have to present? How do you know you’re right? I know enough about neurology and the entire conversion process to know how easily humans are influenced by playing on basic psychology. It’s quite obvious where the god resides. He’s right in your head.

BeaconApologetics—Proof? What kind of proof would convince you? Are you are asking for something that can be seen? Are you looking for something that can be weighed? What kind of evidence would suit you? If you have decided what evidence is sufficient, what is it? I believe you need to find a good Gospel preaching Church in your area and address these questions to the Pastor there. I have many evidences that I have experienced in my life that you would likely blow off as delusional. What evidence would work so that YOU would believe in God? Please do not insult me as I have not insulted you, statements such as “It’s. quite obvious where the god resides. He’s right in your head” does not work for me or anyone else.

He does hold comments until he’s ready to respond. My opinion is defamatory, while his completely fact-less opinions are to be taken at their presup I suppose.

Made In The Image Of God

Let me break this to you all gently as “god” (author of the Bible) tips his hand in the very first chapter. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”… Genesis 1:26

“In the day that God created man, He made him in His own likeness”. Genesis 5:1

It has been repeated ad nauseum that we do not look like him for he is incomprehensible and unimaginable. So what likely is the correlation between man and god? What is his image and likeness?—Behavior—the capacity to be horrible. But, by quite the anomaly some of his creatures refuse to do his bidding. To some, the chaos, division, and brutality doesn’t bode well. So, a few now and then break away, and by calling our own shots find a peaceful calm and left guilt, hate, division, and the killing of everything behind.

Convincing his subjects they are evil is a bad parenting technique for human kind. Children raised in such a fashion with the belt, the ridicule, the threats, the name calling, struggle to find self worth and peace the rest of their days and continue the cycle initiated by “god”, who continues to shift his morality to keep up with the demands of man—at least the mankind that shows we know better. We are doing better. And as we struggle to break free from the tyranny, shaking the hive, so to speak, has angered the bees apologists, to the point of ridiculous wordplay to protect their Nero.

With the tongue we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. James 3:9 He too blesses himself and curses us if we don’t act like him. God curses us, his servants curse us. Man has proved difficult with his occasional inclination to be kind, to do good, to be accepting of others, which comes to full fruition after leaving the system of religious tyranny we became accustomed to protect.

Does it anger him that we have broken away from the system he created and refuse to contribute to the misery? I think so…It certainly angers his servants. If this life were actually a test, the test would be to see if man had the balls to break away from an obviously immoral system that produces everything evil, all while the band is marching to contradictory confusion and calling it good.

“To those who believe in God I say, seek not in institutions, books or theological arguments to find God: look at your species and how it interacts with others and with its environment. There is the mind of God in action”—Sha’Tara

Man has created a bible to guide us in continuation of miserable human nature of the time, projecting itself on the “god figure” as a progenote to some type of authority, but it is us who have adopted this monstrosity we call god because that is who most of “us” are. Do you want to be adorned, become eternally heaven-bound, and also have the final say in everything as a judge in Israel? Welcome to godhood…Nero

Man’s indoctrinated presupposition that the Bible is good, is the only reason one could consider it good. It’s resulting bloodbath and genocidal rage has been inflicted on the world for generations in the writers name. And the author who despises us, is in our own image and likeness.

Course Correction

“If”there is a god, the rise of Christianity on first glance appears to be an attempted course correction of the millenniums-old religion of the one, true, perfect, infallible YHWH. Having a change of heart, or to keep up with man’s own superior morality a change had to be made, or is it pure conflation? Yet in an attempt to purge out the immorality of his own doing (mosaic law and divine command) he threw in a few feel-good scriptures about love, naughty clergy, heaven, end-time destruction and hell torment. Try as he might, the Old Testament god still rears his head today (the religious mindset) and claims the chain is unbroken authority from the beginning. The Old and New are carried around as one book, and out of 66 tries we still have the piety and divisiveness of the old, with the psychological faith trick in the new. Improved? Faith should never be the end-all-be-all goal of any endeavor, but a concept to work towards fact and reality. If the biblical faith is “evidence (please) of things not seen”, the equivalent of displaying sure knowledge of an imagination, that is quite the oxymoron to base your life’s work on. The inherent byproduct of monotheism is division, and initiation includes recognizing your worthlessness before the creator who loves you. This particular brand of self deprecation has one treating his neighbors as he would treat himself—unkindly

“How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water?” Job‬ ‭15:16‬ ‭

“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me”. Matt 10:37

*Careful trusting anyone who capitalizes “Me” when used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition.

“Christianity has percolated through the layers of dogmatism and bigotry, of intolerance and superstition, of damnation and hell fire. It takes on itself the quality of these layers and imparts them to those that are received within its folds”. Virchand Gandhi, The Monist

Those outside the faith see it clearly, while faith obscures the facts obvious to every nonbeliever.

Thanks to Judy and Tom for inspiring comments.



Religious Echolalia

Having someone silently mouth the words you are speaking is called echolalia. Many of us know someone that does this and there are a few causes to address, notably left hemispheric brain injury. Also, some subconsciously do this conversational lip-sync to enhance memory when short term memory is becoming problematic. Nonverbal echolalisis is normal in some, but combined with religion it has proven damaging to entire continents. Religious echolalia is a common practice to polish lies, mimicking and memorizing lines of bullshit horseshit to later flow from the lips of the once silent puppet.

Silently mouthing and audibly floundering apologists have perfected this technique in seminaries across the country. Conversational lip-sync from both sides of the mouth is a skill-set usually reserved for top ventriloquist, but apologists have now taken the industry by storm. Here below our favorite apologist duo, Mel and John caught during warmups

And this dress rehearsal secretly photographed of apologist Wally and Colorstorm. Not sure who is who in this one.

While each team has their own style, rigorous rehearsal and bromance has made the four indistinguishable in print. The cure to religious echolalia is unbelief. Dry your eyes you weepy guys. Jesus ain’t coming, and the truth, however painful, is a reality you can learn to live with.

Insanitybytes in a paid “Ask the Bigot” performance with pastor Ryan Faust, grace church, Seattle.

Mel learning from dad, eventually honing the craft to blow smoke up peoples asses.

Echolalia (also known as echologia or echophrasia[1]) is defined as the unsolicited repetitions of vocalizations. made by another person (by the same person is called palilalia In its profound form it is automatic and effortless.

(N)ow yo(U) (K)now h(O)w it (A)ll h(A)ppen(S)