Grace or Faith? One Cannot Rely on the Other

Faith cannot achieve grace, for faith is an effort of belief.

Faith is the mental effort to believe. According to research, during a typical day, a person uses about 320 calories just to think. Different mental states and tasks can subtly affect the way the brain consumes energy. Applying effort to the belief in things you don’t know, raises additional strain on cerebral energy consumption. Is this not works? Is not this something you do?

Additionally, the mental wrangling required to believe in deities is indeed effort. To outsmart the contradictions of the Hebrew religion also induces stress and issues of self worth, further adding to “works”.

Faith in Jesus is works. Contradictions 9:17 Apologetics is even further efforts that contradict the biblical promise.

Grace and faith are ideas in opposition that require caloric effort. The only way to evade that is faith like an atheist—total trust in letting go. Only then can grace be achieved through unbelief—through no effort whatsoever.

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29 thoughts on “Grace or Faith? One Cannot Rely on the Other”

    1. I know better than that Mr Peace! Whatever the case, reality is generally the exact opposite of what is taught in modern religion.


    1. Sorry Arnold. I guess as long as you believe that you deserve it. How can Grace be free but require a exhaustive works, which mental work is actually a caloric output of effort?


            1. An absolute being wouldn’t be contradictory to basic logic. It’s not complicated at all til you believe


            2. Yes, belief complicates stuff until its centered on the Absolute. God knows we’re dust- that’s what he chooses to work with.


            3. We’ve already been through this. If you want to be technical about it, dust is only a metaphor for form. There is no actual dust. That would make god deceptive. That is immoral


      1. Find by not seeking.

        Of course, there is a problem with this, which is: if the goal of the living is to have no desires then how can anyone desire Nirvana without desiring it?

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