How to know if you’ve been there before

Seems like I already posted this, but on examination it was only deja-vu.

What is deja–vu other than confusion between real-time events passing through the memory cue? It can be an interesting head game feeling you’ve been here before when you know you never have, but what if you have?

Is there more to it than that? Some feel this as something experienced in a prior life, or seen in a dream or astral visit. Some recount vivid experiences with uncanny accuracy. The only time we are aware of our brains is when they misfire—everything is normal right up until it’s not, but along with that is a sense that something isn’t quite right.

Deja-vu “is not only a feeling of familiarity, but also the metacognitive recognition that these feelings are misplaced”.—Dr Akira O’Connor. So how do you explain it when someone recounts an experience in detail and verifies it? I’ll explain…

I booked an Air BnB near the coast to attend a wedding. It was old farmhouse built in the 1920’s on still, heavily wooded acreage. As we walked in the door my wife stops abruptly and says “I’ve been here before”.

She made a list of notes about the previous colors on the wall, the old man and woman that lived there, the library upstairs which was moved from another location, how the old man and woman died, and so on. Details about his medical conditions and that they really cared for the place.

We met with the new owners (married male couple) who lived in a newer house a hundred yards behind the same property. She gave him the paper and his jaw hit the floor. He said everything she said was how it was and how it happened. How did she know? What are your experiences with this phenomenon?


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  1. Couple of possibilities: Her I’ve been here before remark? Perhaps she visited with her parents as a child and the memory had long ago faded? Re: her in-depth description — it might indicate that 1) she was either very precocious, or 2) it may have been connected to her heritage in that she would be more in tune with her surroundings.

    Of course, considering the “mystery” element of many of your other posts … I’m sure there will be other more esoteric possibilities offered. 😉

    BTW, Happy Turkey Day! 🦃🍗🍷

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    1. Well, she definitely had never physically been there, raised in Panama and had never been in that part of Washington. She is a very intuitive sort. She cracked the passwords on several staff issued iPhones and laptops just by knowing the teachers who had left them behind. All of them! Amazing , really.

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  2. Jim have you seen the Matrix movie? Inside the Matrix, déjà vu is the repeat occurrence of an event that had already taken place moments ago. It happens when the code of the Matrix is altered. In The Matrix, Neo sees a black cat walk by followed by another that behaves exactly the same way. If you have not seen it a computer matrix has almost all humans plugged into it and when the machine has to rewrite a scene the humans see it as Deja vu. Some theoretical scientist / computer scientist claim we could all be living in a simulation, maybe past lives are either a memory from when we were a different character or bleed over from another one sharing memory space? But this is all above my pay grade. Best wishes for thanksgiving, hope you and your family have lots of fun, food, and fulfillment. Hugs

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    1. Happy thanksgiving to you as well Scottie.
      I have seen the matrix. On a common sense level we are all just bits of energy and have very limited programming. Why else are we repeating the same dramas over and over, even though we know better? Analyzing matter we find we may as well be analyzing particles from a movie projector or hologram.
      Those who have claimed to see behind the set have described it this way, even before there were movie projectors. If that be the case we are all operating in a single consciousness where we are simply apertures that collect and distribute information for a single organism.

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      1. Hello Jim. So if I understand your reply when we dream we maybe interpreting or receiving an experience from another part of the collected consciousness? Our brains wouldn’t really need to be receivers as we are one multicellular consciousness like cells in a body, connected the same way? Just trying to make sure I understand. Thanks.


  3. I don’t really have any concrete answers, but there is only one error free solution to understanding what is. Simple, right?
    If you go all the way back to the Big Bang, a single event that set in motion everything that appears as it is, it is all one thing, one event still banging out, way out on the fringes. That is us. Are we separate now from that, or are we that?
    This is also a Hindu philosophy, although they call it Atman, the source, the one reality that constant, the Tao, whatever you want to call it.
    They say yes, it is all a dream. Every bit of it and awakening is the process of seeing this. When we dream it is no less real than the awakened state. It feels as real as anything because of our insistence that we are individuals with agency. That is the illusion. Break the ego and beat the game.

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    1. I told her, write it all down and we’ll check it out. I was a bit skeptical but she had perfect confidence, approached the owners and laid it all out. They even brought out fotos of the place before it was remodeled—same colors and layout as she described. How does that happen?

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      1. no idea whatsoever

        a friend of mine who was a chaplain relayed a story to me of a blind woman who was dying but could describe the living people in the room with her who were watching her while she had been unconscious, as well as her dead grandmother who supposedly encouraged her to remain alive.

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  4. i wouldn’t call this deja-vu. this is much more deeper. a deja-vu refers to a short fragment of time wtaht you feel you had already lived. like when someone says something and you feel you already heard the words.

    what your wife experienced sounds more like a past life recognition. she definitely had some connection to that place at some point.

    how to explain these things? the easiest way is to remember that time has no reality outside mind. it is also not linear, like we experience it in our daily, ordinary mental consciousness. in dreams, for example, time is much more fluid. going even deeper, in deep sleep, we experience timelessness, or no time. in the space of meditation, i found, this is one of the easiest things to get. everyone who meditates knows what timelessness feels like. it’s a complete suspension of thought.

    why the stones sing “Time is on my mind, yes it is”. it’s the only place it can be😎

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  5. Sometimes I get deja-vues, but nothing like your wife had. But I also get Pre-vues, generally just minutes before they happen. Usually bad things that, had I not had the Pre-vue, would have ended up far worse than they did for having been warned. But even with the warnings, the things still happen, just slightly altered. Some people call this having an angel watching over me, but seeing as there are no angels, I think it is a liteal warning–from where I don’t know.
    As for the single consciousness, that is my experience, that which I call Life. Except, we here in this dimension or plane do not often get a true glimpse of what Life means. We try to make it be like us, but really we are not at all much like Life, though we are all a part of it.

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  6. You Asked — “What are your experiences with this phenomenon?”

    My Response — I dream almost every night and many of them are lucid dreams of the same places. Occasionally I end up somewhere that was in a past dream and I get an immediate feeling of Deja-Vu.

    I don’t know how I am able to dream about a place before going there but it’s happened numerous times over the years. It could be that we don’t fully understand memory yet or possibly even how information is shared.

    I have on occasion tested to see if I was having a genuine experience and it proved correct so the dream was accurate.

    It’s an interesting mystery.

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