Next Project

Now that the house is done, time to get to some of my things. I’ve got about a thousand pines on the homestead, so a little thinning is in order. The kiddos and I are building a party gazebo in the spring, so hewing some support logs and all the roof timber now to dry inside for the winter. ‘Twas a good day!

Our goal is to build the entire structure without shopping. Need a better place to hang my hammocks!


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26 thoughts on “Next Project”

    1. I can’t keep them away! Even when I want to. They’re learning some good smarts for sure. They’re actually at the point where helping…is helping.

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      1. Must be nice. My 13 year old doesn’t like to offer much help. The younger ones want to help but get in the way mostly. I’m also kind of picky when it comes to getting things done. My oldest tried helping me stack wood. He didn’t seem to understand that sorting by size and stacking neatly helps keep it all from falling over. So it was a “thanks but no thanks” and I stacked the four cords myself. 🙂

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        1. Well, I feel your dilemma, but remember, you’re not really stacking wood, you’re raising a boy. My kids are going to help me do this all wrong, but next time they’ll know, and any quirks I’ll consider a blessing, a personal memory of good time well spent with them.

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          1. True. And I do let him help with things…if only to have to go back and fix it later. He didn’t really want to help anyway and was relieved to hear me tell him he didn’t have to. It’s fall now though, so there’ll be plenty of leaves to help with. 🙂

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            1. I probably have a dump truck of pine needles on the forest floor, maybe more. I’m sure they’ll disappear pretty quick when that chore comes up. I have zero protected space right now for forest fires.

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    1. Thanks. They really like it. I have an accidental yippee after finishing the house. I had about a 20 yard dirt pile that was left over from the foundation hole. It’s almost flat now. They have played on that thing forever. With all the toys in the world, all you need is a place outside, a stick, a rope, and a cardboard box. They love to dig and use their imaginations—and they’re always handy to help out when I need them. My seven year old grandson can dig like a man—and fast! He helped me dig the piers for my daughters place and I actually videoed him. Really fast and full shovels. It was awesome.

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  1. Hey! All you lumberjacks and girdlers… and in particular the Supervisor of Lumberjacks!!! Maybe you should invest in some real working-shoes for those little hard working girdlers, huh!? LOL 😛

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  2. Eh’ll be packing me drawknife and gettin’ meh sharp adze up to the eastside PNW. But Imma wearin’ me clodhoppers and warm sox. Winter’s acommin’.

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