Spotting a liar

I follow a blog by psychologist Dr Perry, and this week his topic is spotting a liar. Here is number 2 on the list, but the entire article reminded me of some apologists that frequent our blogs. 2. They don’t answer the specific question that has been asked. A person who is lying will avoid answering the question and will instead make a convincing statement. The statement may be true but it is not an answer to the question. For example, when you ask your child if they skipped school and they answer by saying “I would never do that. I am a good student.” In another example, say you are missing money at work and ask your coworker, “Did you take the money that was here?” and they answer by saying, “I have been working here for years and am a good person.” These statements might be true, but they are not answering the specific question that has been asked. The person is trying to convince instead of convey the truth. Convincing statements are a strong indicator of lying. You might need to ask more questions to get to the truth”. But that doesn’t mean you’ll ever get a straight answer.


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23 thoughts on “Spotting a liar”

  1. That does remind me of apologetics in general. Instead of showing evidence that there is a god (and that it’s specifically their god) they present a convoluted argument for why there ought to be a god, and handwave away the question as to why that god would be their specific god.

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    1. Show some evidence and I’ll go dig my bible out of the trash. This is the big lie! It has been perpetuated and told over and over. Tell it big and tell it often and people will believe it.

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      1. And not just the puny “evidence” that apologists claim to have! The bible is a hugely extraordinary claim, and the evidence needs to be equally extraordinary. Like say, if bibles were to start growing on trees, or an apologist got my passcode right, or all the christians got together and agreed on what everything in the bible meant, and got rid of separate denominations. You know, impossible stuff.

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        1. Yeah I get that. I just talked to a lady whose family found her atheist blog and she had to shut it down. Crazy. You can believe whatever you want, as long as it’s what we want you to believe!


  2. I can name at least a half dozen internet Christians who do this without even extending myself, and I’m pretty sure I could find examples of this trait on every Christian Apologist site.


      1. If you consider an apologist such as Lane Craig I imagine he is aware of all the arguments,he simply does not care and will lie through his teeth. After all, Jesus will understand.


        1. Bill Nye and Ken Ham were doing an interview together. Bill stated that new information might prove him wrong and challenge him to do better. It would be great! Ken ham said new irrefutable proof about scripture wouldn’t change his position at all. That’s more crazy train 🚂

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  3. I see this tactic every time I see a Republican answering a question. I do believe they attend classes to teach them how to be effective at the technique.

    Why don’t the reporters asking the questions grill the sons of beeches about dodging the actual question? I don’t know how many times I’ve sat up straight and yelled at the boob tube, “you didn’t answer the damn question!”

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    1. Well Shell, that depends, uh ya see, uh what did you mean by beeches? And could you repeat that part about the classes. What classes teach fundamental hypocrisy? Does that answer your question? Next please!


      1. Call me a tin foil hatter if ya want 🙂

        …but I think there is a high likelyhood that elected officials have some sort of refresher course on lying your ass off properly every 6 months or so. Either that or they have been goddamn liars for so long already they have developed the skillset.

        …and if I had to answer your question it would be bible classes for 600 Jim.

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