What would you say if asked on TV and had ten seconds to say:


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

23 thoughts on “What would you say if asked on TV and had ten seconds to say:”

  1. Be kind. Be helpful. Be truthful. Be curious and skeptical. Try not to step on too many toes and make amends if you do. Take care of the Earth. Enjoy your life because this is the one you’ve got!

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  2. My personal creed is more of a set of three mottos really:

    Ubi Dubium, Ibi Libertas (Where there is doubt, there is freedom).
    If you open your mind too far, your brain will fall out.
    We do not see things the way they are, we see them the way we are.

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  3. Memento Mori or Remember to Die. It’s a reminder than no matter how good or bad your life is at any given moment that it will one day end and so enjoy whatever you can while you can.

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  4. I have always tried to be a better Scottie today than I was yesterday. One day I will get it really correct. I have a motto on my blog that says life is an adventure and should be lived that way. Hugs

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  5. As one that lived most of his life under limitations of religious dogma, I think to live life unshackled and freely unchain human thought to enrich the lives of everyone I meet.


    1. In jest I would ask you what you mean by everything, but then I’d have a book instead of a blog comment? Lol.


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