The Problem With Evolution

Stopping evolution may be the next “global warming” type crisis, as it is currently affecting about 7.6 billion people as of December 2017. The United Nations median estimates it will further increase to 11.8 billion by the year 2100. Each generation is changing, and right before our eyes each new crop presses into an unknown firestorm of change. Do you realize in 2100, that virtually every person 10 years or older with few exception, at this very moment will be dead and gone and the world of people will be an entirely new stock of homo sapient ascent? Or descent, depending on your flavor of mind. Think about that! A new 11.8 billion people will be replacing every contestant in the current population. Will we be smarter, stronger, or faster than the current population? A few, maybe, but not by much. Each new birth starts anew, and the old ways make their way into textbooks so thick a lifetime of learning is dumped in a pile to sift through and decipher. That is, if you want to. The growing and vast archives of world knowledge will be even trickier to navigate, and a subspecies of specialists will emerge, making room for more certification with less education. I hardly see more incentive for more really smart people reaching for the bar of excellence with one hand on their device, and muddled with so many mediocre choices. If our evolution is going to be an improvement on the past, something new in education needs to be done. Getting 80% of the population on board to substance learning instead of superstitious, religious folk lore is going to help. The problem with evolution is it’s unstoppable and unpredictable directions. Perhaps with a little unity, we could guide our direction to a better world, and not just more of it.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

40 thoughts on “The Problem With Evolution”

  1. Good to see you back and up and running!

    The trick is getting 80% on board in an ever increasing complexity.
    Perhaps the big picture long range view is how civilizations die out and that they all follow a predictive path to self destruction. And that in itself is evolution on a grander scale. Perhaps it’s even necessary for new and hopefully better, civilizations to arise. Even if the US ultimately fails, I’d rather see China or some other country succeed, so at least humanity itself survives in a more peaceful, smart and logical way.
    But if fanatic religion takes an increasing hold rather than a more humanist , rational, agnostic/athiest view, we are doomed

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    1. Thank you. Great to see you too Mary. I would have to look into it, but collapsing civilization and religion would go hand in hand at first glance. I think that is an excellent observation Mary.


    2. Actually … I think we’d be safely dead by then. It would be our legacy that’s at risk, no?

      Frightening, isn’t it—the whole idea of a future that still has God in it. (Or gods, goddesses; and for all I know little furry godlets.)

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        1. That’s funny. I think you are right on, but the reasons we stay divided are mostly manufactured. I always know when you are wrong because you said something. Lol. Jk


  2. Well, we ain’t gonna get to 2100 because on Nov. 14th, 2087, the anti-Christ will be born and bring about the end of days. I read this on a cave wall in South America in a dream, so there’s no reason not to take it seriously.

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  3. Cab Driver: Earth, Mr. Dundee. Home to seven billion people.

    “Crocodile” Dundee: That’s incredible. Imagine seven billion people all wanting to live together. Yeah, Earth must be the friendliest place in the galaxy.

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  4. I see you are embroiled with Pastor Mel once more.
    The hypocrisy in their argument – and that is all it is as they have no evidence whatsoever – is that Mel refuses to say that Yahweh is responsible.
    Get him to say this and then tear him to pieces.

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    1. Hey go to Mel’s and see if you can add anything. I left right when Branyan showed up and I was done anyway. See what you think. I have to work late tonight


      1. I don’t even know where Mels is. Sounds like a diner?

        Seriously, I have yet to meet this Mel person, or run across his blog. As of right now I am still blissfully unaware of what a Mel is. Though I have a pretty good idea given some of the things I’ve heard 🙂

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      2. Seriously, I have yet to meet this Mel person, or run across his blog. Consider yourself lucky. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool Jesus believer and nothing (I repeat … NOTHING) is going to deter him from his convictions. But some of us find if entertaining to make him squirm a bit. 🙂

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        1. I just felt the need to take a stab at it since I had a free hour. They totally dismiss the obvious. Quite amusing if it wasn’t so sickening. The moment Branyan showed up I left. He can stew around with his keyboard all warmed up and it’s best to never acknowledge him. I thought I’d seen you in his comments before? Not only is my short term memory bad, but so is my short term memory. 🙂

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          1. Oh yes! He’s included me to his sarcasm on more than one occasion. Did you see the latest comment from his daughter Amanda? KIA offered her congratulations on her new baby and she came back with a totally uncalled-for nasty response.

            Seriously … I am simply bamboozled why Mel supports these two. They are TOTALLY un-Christian in their responses … yet he’ll AGREE with BrainYawn 9 out of 10 times.


            1. They are truly an embarrassment to Christianity. Mel’s not too terribly bad but when the others show up he shows his true colors


      1. Sorry for the delay — had to take care of a couple things.

        A lot depends on the theme you’re using, but generally — go to Settings/Discussion, then “Other Comment Settings.” Where it says “Enable threaded (nested) comments, choose a number. Usually 5 or 6 is good, but you can go as high as you want.

        There are some other options on that particular page that you might want to look at as well.

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