Evolution—From Hunter/Gatherer to Fat

A critique on religion and sedentary living

Our food is now served on a plate with very little caloric effort on our part (and we wonder how we got so fat) We love the gadgets and endless, idle entertainment while unavoidably hanging on to a genetic past that doesn’t mix well with this sedentary way of life.

Obesity and diabetes (among others) are epidemics. Our bodies have not changed over the last 300 years to keep pace with endless sugar and foreign foods filled to the brim with calories—while Americans sit. Sit for work, sit for play, sit for worship, and sit to travel—proudly sharing a Fitbit status for simply moving of what used to be normal behavior. The hardest part of a normal day may be opening packages.

Religion too, is now served on a plate and we just ingest it with no effort about it. We’re spiritually flat, out of tune with nature and gather our info from big-box, turn-key religious experts or their break-offs.

If any of it were reality and you believe your Bible, there is not one true believer on planet earth. For “greater signs than these follow them that believe“—Jesus. No matter how much you say you believe, you really don’t.

What of life used to be an adventure for each new child, an exploration of the world before us, is now doled-out cookie-cutter style epidemic spiritual and physical sedation from birth to death, with our own intuitive, individual attuning suppressed or hereticized by those same religions that offer nothing but hope. No results, no growth, no bliss, while pretending to be happy in this way of life until it kills us.

The promised enlightenment now tips scales on stagnation and stress from endlessly pretending to be happy. But really, pharmaceutical stats don’t lie. The most religious segments of the country are on the most prescription. Quite possibly the most unhealthy, longest living, over-medicated society in the history of the world. Happy, happy, happy. Have Xanax—and a soda.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

31 thoughts on “Evolution—From Hunter/Gatherer to Fat”

      1. Oh c’mon! We have great burgers! Just be pork and beef. Mostly chicken and potato Patty.
        Burger King isn’t that great though.

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  1. You ever get in line at the DMV or some other dreaded line to see later there’s an another open window? Everyone just habitually gets in line. Takes a little effort to see life can be lived quite nicely if we can just take a moment to see the alternatives. Worry? Never! I am worried though that someday I may start to…


  2. So what’s the problem? We are living longer and somewhat ‘healthier.’ Certainly safer (so far). Our biggest threats are each other and germs. It’s a crazy world, but the only one we got. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

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    1. I just go for the toy. Nothing makes me happier than one time use plastic crap. We can build mountains rawgod—of garbage. AND STOP YELLING.


        1. Haha. I know. !!! I was picturing the voice of Robin Leach on lifestyles of the rich and famous. THIS SAUDI OWNED LUXURY YAHCT SPIRTS A BUILT IN DISCO LOUNGE -I’m yelling and I don’t know why!


          1. Fortunately, I think, I have no idea who Robin Leach is.
            But keep on yelling, whatever your reason, maybe soneone in the background will hear, and understand…

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  3. Just sitting here on my not-fat ass eating peanut butter and contemplating what to cook for dinner. Maybe I’ll pull some weeds this afternoon. Happy life sans pharmaceuticals and religious nuttery.

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  4. Not long ago on Mak’s blog, I made a concise statement that a person’s weight is most simply a matter of calories consumed versus calories burned. I must’ve struck a nerve with some people because I received unexpected push-back. The rebuttals sounded similar to the rationale expressed by members of my family who are clinically obese. Yes, it’s true that some medical conditions and other factors affect a person’s weight; but, these are generally applicable only to metabolism. Despite the variation in metabolism, everyone’s weight is still governed by the physiology of calories-in versus calories-out. It is also true that high activity increases metabolism and that low activity decreases metabolism.

    Although I have no knowledge of this, I have heard that bible consumption is very fattening – lol!

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  5. Ha! to the last comment. In my neck of the woods, the super religious are the most likely to think something’s wrong with you if you try to take care of yourself. Better not have a sip of wine, but I’ll scream like hell if you try to tell me I can’t have a 62 ounce soda! And why walk when you can drive a 15 passenger van?

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  6. When an animal has a easy time of plenty he relaxes and over indulges ; the human animal in the rich countries does just that. Nothing lasts and the chill wind of climate change is blowing.

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