Want to Believe

“Humanity desires belief and will sacrifice good sense to get one“—then pay dearly for the ability to hope and pass the litmus test—to have enough belief to be saved.

They pay with their wallets, of course, but what is the real price of fervent belief in ideas that fantasticize spiritual meaning?

Subterfuge—”deceit in order to achieve one’s goals“. Shortcuts to meaning are impossible to produce the desired results—Settling for meaning by way of fear is diminished capacity—through belief we can ignore our deficiencies for third party recompense.

Turn-key, prepackaged, big-box religion has an interesting, if not completely arrogant approach, using subterfuge to present group enlightenment and personal salvation while shortchanging the creature. Firstly, exacting guilt where there is none, chopping humanity down only to notch it back to an average, mediocre, lifetime dependency.

If I believe Jesus is savior and son of god, I can be saved. If I don’t believe this version from lack of evidence and consistency I will be damned to eternal torment—so basically handwaving contradictions and errant outcomes are tests of faith that must become a way of life to keep your senses. Who would present such a far-fetched and cruel story and believe god is good, merciful, kind, and love?

The truth will set you free“, not belief, not faith. The key to discovering truth is unbelief, for by it we reject incongruity without adhering to systems that stifle our ability to see the world for what it is.

By submitting to belief our journey is carefully guided down the path of mediocrity. The current state of affairs is the objective reality of subjective faith.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

25 thoughts on “Want to Believe”

  1. many Christians are no more than the type of firefighter who sets fires in order to be lauded as a hero. and very much like the orange idiot us USA citizens have in the presidency. They are lazy, arrogant and depend on ignorance and fear.

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    1. Lazy thought economics. Why think for yourself when you have the crowd and the comfort of illusory truth syndrome? Nobody really believes anyway or they would live like god was in the room watching.

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  2. How many people get the chance to decide if they want to believe or not? Children don’t get to choose, as children, for the most part. If they are told to believe, and don’t, they are punished until they do.

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  3. Hello Jim. Why aspire to only mediocrity? I want to rise to be the best Scottie I can be, not settle for the average Scottie. Seems to me if that is what religion is aiming for , they are not really even trying. Why pay for that. No one sells a self help seminar on being just so so. Yet as you say that is what religion does. After all the leader is only human and you in the congregation can not be any better than him. Seems too high a price to go through life that way and it is hard for me to see that as any kind of salvation. Think of the anti-science, anti- vaccine, anti-medication stuff being pushed today by “religious” people. Again not a good way to have a progressive society moving to the future. It is instead the way to a regressive society moving desperately to recapture the past. Hugs

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