There’s an Atheist Flag?

When I saw this article about the atheist flag going up over the Ten Commandments monument in New Hampshire, I thought “we have a flag?” Um. No thanks, I guess. I’m slightly new at this, (about 4 years) but my first instinct is this; I just left a belief system to navigate my own way in the world without the help or belief in deities and other superstitions and myth. I belong to nothing. No organizations, no clubs, no nothing. Is atheism a belief system to be held up on a banner? Is it wrong of me to not be affiliated with another emblem designed to group me with other likeminded individuals. Are there guidelines and a rule book shortly to follow? When do we fly it half mast? Could we, as a distressed minority fly it it upside down? I get the point of equal access and all the legality and fairness, it just doesn’t settle well with me. I am open to other thoughts on this. I am a little skeptical after what I’ve been through to trust someone else to speak in my behalf. Maybe I will change my mind? I value the knowledge and opinions of each of you and appreciate your experience and passion. What’s your take this? I may be old, but I’m slow!