More Abrahamic Tragedy Continues

My friend Max, TheDecentAtheist and deconvert of Islam has an interesting post about the pre pubescent boys of the Muslim world. The story is much bigger than the post, but he opens the door to this atrocity of the Abrahamic Mindset in the middle east.

Here is a link if your not familiar with Bacha Bazi (boy play) in the Muslim world, and here is a story outlining the initial accidental investigation. It is prevalent among the clerics, police, and government officials. Only pious, highly moral people can perpetuate this type of evil on this type of scale. Monotheism at its finest.


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46 thoughts on “More Abrahamic Tragedy Continues”

      1. I know. The fact that people feel these things are acceptable is disturbing. People in the ancient world had no issues with it and people in the modern world think the ancients had it right.

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            1. Jeffrey Dahmer became one after being convicted. As did Ted Bundy.

              As did Rudolf Höss (Not to be confused with Rudolf Hess).

              “He presided over the extermination of some 2.5 million prisoners in the three years he was commandant of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Another half a million died there from disease and starvation. A year after his tenure came to an end, he returned to oversee the execution of 400,000 Hungarian Jews.”

              He was also a lapsed Catholic, but confessed his sins, received Jesus into his heart and took Holy Communion just before he died.

              And according to Christians, he is now sitting next to Jesus in Heaven.


              As Sam Harris stated in a debate with William Lane Craig:

              On Dr. Craig’s account, your run-of-the-mill serial killer in America, who spent his life raping and torturing children, need only come to God, come to Jesus on death row, and after a final meal of fried chicken, he’s going to spend eternity in heaven after death.

              Ok—one thing should be crystal clear to you: this vision of life has absolutely nothing to do with moral accountability.

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        1. You’re right. Abraham is the centre figure. Jesus is mentioned as Isa Masih. As far as I know, Abraham is the first “Idol breaker” and more importantly it was Abraham who built Kaaba.

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            1. According to Quran, Abraham and Ishmael built it as God gave instructions. Another interpretation is that Adam and Eve built a temple but was ruined in the flood (Noah), later God instructed Abraham and Ishmael to rebuild it.

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            2. The whole ritual of Hajj is based on the Islamic version of Abraham’s story. Christians don’t have Hajj or any mention of worshiping Kaaba in their texts. Also, Abraham is way more central in Islam than Christianity. As I said, the whole ritual of Hajj is based on the story of Abraham taking Hagar and Ishmael to Mecca from Canaan upon God’s order. Muslims even celebrate the day when God ordered Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael (Eid Al-Adha). Anyhow, Abraham was a psychopath, he abandoned his wife and infant child in a desert, then came back to slaughter his son! And threw pebbles at Satan who was telling him to stop the madness!!

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            3. It is not inconceivable to me in the least, IF any of it were true (god, not psychotic illusion) that the whole story is a cover up and the good guys are in exile. Lilith and the desire for knowledge as part of that, was banished for not being subservient. That is the way it has played out in abrahamic religion, and the god of the Bible turns out to be an imposter. “IF” any of it were true.


            4. Submission and obedience are the exact opposites of freedom. Anything that doesn’t offer freedom of choice is oppression. If god really taught love, he failed to understand that love is also setting free.


      1. Ugh. After becoming a widow at an early age a nice Muslim Dr who had his eye on my asked me to marry him. He explained that it was his duty to take me in and protect me. He said he would like to make me his second wife and I’d be living in Saudi Arabia. He was using his religion for his desires. It was an awkward moment.

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  1. Lord, this is disgusting. I think some of this kind of mind-set exists/existed within the Catholic Church-thus the enormous amount of child rape that takes and has taken place within its hierarchy. It may not have been as defined as what’s talked about in your friend’s post, but it’s there nonetheless. Sick, sick stuff.

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  2. My comment over on Max’s blog —

    Appalling. Simply the WORST of humanity and its neurological disconnect by a fable — a mere fable!!! As a former worker in the Psych/A&D field, this is labelled Addiction at its worst!

    Thanks Max for exposing this. It needs to be outted.

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    1. There is an entire underworld. If they don’t consider this immoral why do they hide it. This does not count as adulterous behavior as long as it’s not a woman. Sheesh!

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      1. As long as it’s not a woman.” That’s exactly what I thought about too Jim! But it’s obvious in the Shiite/Sunni world that public behavior is much different than private behavior… with little boys and girls expecially. 😦

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        1. The reporters that broke this several years ago posed as interested parties and they were shocked and appalled at how proud they were of the boys. I’ll dig up the docu if I can

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