Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Anyone who has to ask why God would let bad things happen to good people has obviously never drowned one of their game Sims in a swimming pool” 🙂

If we are his creation and if it is for his will and pleasure, if there is a god, he’s anything but caring, loving, all powerful, or unimaginable. I see what happens around the world and the grossness of the worst atrocities. I see the works of his hands, and I can imagine pretty well what is going on in his world. He created this for his own will and pleasure. His joy is the whole worlds miserable, depraved, starving, cancerous, dying lot.

He has commanded his greatest creature to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. Using animals for food, butchering other life without a care, or should I say, insisting on it so he can smell the “sweet savor” of burning flesh he is too magnificent to touch or feel. We are his Sims, his creation, and this is his doing.

If the atom is 99.99% emptry space, you are 99.99% empty space. Of course the majority of the matter you are comprised of is most likely consciousness, giving you the ability to feel. If there is a god and this is his doing, he has used the least amount of resources to create the most amount of misery that only a god could do. Is this the core of the great overLORD in the sky?