What would we Argue About?

Last week Nan was talking about childhood. No politics, no religion, and how great it was to be a kid from so many of us. What did we have to argue about when life was so sweet? On Steve Ruis I brought up an old favorite topic of The Savannah Baboons and their toppled hierarchy, now living a non competitive life of leisure. There is nothing to fight about once the top 1% were toppled from their control. Without the elite of the government/business/religious complex, what would we have to fight about? One of the great lies of the world is we’ve been manipulated and forced to choose sides. Democrat or republican, Christian or Muslim, socialism or capitalism. All are two sides of the same coin designed to divide us and preoccupy us with endless banter about who’s right, when in fact they are all wrong. The elite class has everyone convinced that without them, who would provide jobs that fuel the economy, who would lead us through the worlds troubles, and who would save us from hell and eternal torment? The only reason we need them is that they are there. They create the problem and division, then offer the solution. The oldest trick in the book. Without them is a non-competitive life of leisure. With them is the destruction of the worlds beauty and depletion of every last natural resource. For their money and our misery


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Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

5 thoughts on “What would we Argue About?”

  1. Division is a serious problem. It injects too much emotion into things like politics. In Australia, there really is no great divide between the left and the right. Both party’s race to the center, which makes for fairly stable politics and policy.


  2. Way back in 1972, after my enlistment in USMC was over and I was working at a small shop that made various screws, bolts, and other fasteners for the aerospace industry, I’d see on the TV where they had nation wide strikes in France, Italy, even Germany at times. I wondered why we never had that here in ‘Merikkka. With the aid of some very good teachers at the local community college where I was taking my apprenticeship classes and some good books, NOT the holly buy-bull, I figured it out. The very rich run this country using the old divide and rule method. They keep the working class and poor folks divided with false crap like different skin color, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, and any other fake divides they dream up.
    By doing so, they keep the working class and poor from seeing that they are just the same as each other. They also are blinded to the truth that the very rich are the ones we need to be ranting at, protesting against.
    The rich cheer lead for war. There are huge profits in war if one is rich and holds the right stock shares. The working class and poor kids do the dirty work of war, the fighting and dying. I saw more than enough of that in Vietnam.
    I do not want a violent revolt. It seems to me that noting much good ever comes from violence. I am not a socialist, though I do tend to lean that way at times. Hey, with my bad back and nearly 70 ears old, I tend to lean often.
    I ain’t stupid, I just walk that way some days. As in stupid over. That was supposed to be funny. Yeah, don’t bother to tell me to not quit my day job. I have been disabled/unemployable for many years now. I do tend to be cynical and sarcastic and I ain’t gonna change.

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    1. Plus I think you’re right in the money. Most everyone I meet are decent people in the same spot we’re all in and the divide just isn’t there. Only in the media


  3. You Stated — “There is nothing to fight about once the top 1% were toppled from their control.”

    My Response — I disagree, the next fight will start the moment one monkey has more bananas than the rest.

    There is a wrench waiting to be thrown into the machine of peace and I bet it belongs to one of those now calm relaxed monkeys. 😉

    You Stated — “One of the great lies of the world is we’ve been manipulated and forced to choose sides.”

    My Response — The lie wasn’t that we had to choose sides… “We definitely do”… the lie was the choice of sides presented because they are all just the same side now, no matter which one you choose. The second side is now hidden from view.

    In reality, there are only two sides… You are either for life or you are for death.


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