Famous Apparitions

How much more proof do you need?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

32 thoughts on “Famous Apparitions”

  1. Pic #1 = An owl’s face-plant on a stump.

    Pic #2 = Cinnamon-Swirl Raisen Toast.

    Pic #3 = Granite kitchen counter-top.

    Pic #4 = A dog in heat! 😁

    What more proof is needed? Perhaps LSD or shrooms? 😮 😛

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  2. Surely you’re not suggesting these are not TRUE representations of the Christian faith! You are an infidel!

    (Hee-hee … all in the eye of the beholder.) 😎

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  3. Let’s assume that these are genuine (and I do not know that for sure) and that they are a divine message. Couldn’t we all come up with better messages from God? Like a better Bible? Directions on how to end war? Wtf am I supposed to do with a dog butt?

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  4. The only reason I converted to Christianity in my teens was because I saw the face of Jesus in a tortilla. Your post has exposed the lunacy of my faith.

    Thanks for being a champion of reason!

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    1. Your welcome. Was it a corn tortilla or flour? Tortilla de maíz would signify Christ as a Latin American figure, while flour has a broader range of ethnicities and we could justify a white Jesus using that logic. Was the tortilla already cooked? Post resurrection apparitions are demonstrably more prevalent in cooked tortillas, whereas uncooked could have a range of 33 years to work with and could be a juvenile apparition ranging up to the bearded version we see the most. I’m happy you had such a spiritual encounter. It is remarkably as justifiable as any other I’ve heard.

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            1. I made a quesadilla this morning and thought I saw an apparition of JB on it. Then I realized I put no bullshit in it and it couldn’t be him.


            2. When you regain your composure, I’d be happy to post your book on my blog.
              Expose my ludicrous diatribes.
              It’s about time somebody brought me down a peg or two.


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