Comatized by Belief

Finding the right words to describe what you don’t believe, can sometimes be a little tricky. I was commenting on Dr Seggy’s site and I just had to make up a word, since nothing has adequately described how the religious have blindly defended a factless hypothesis of a god to explain our existence. Vehemently defending that belief that took no effort to get, and requires no effort to maintain, yet act like they are gut shot if you question the validity of their faith or their story. Comatized by belief, and blinded by faith in supernatural, abrahamic religion is anything but righteous, provable, or even sensible. And we have to explain why we don’t believe what apologetics, archeologists, science, or believers have failed to show evidence of. Go figure.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

7 thoughts on “Comatized by Belief”

  1. I agree, Jim. That’s what’s so infuriating about the whole business. ‘Believers’ are the ones who insist there’s something where there’s clearly nothing, yet non-believers are vilified for pointing out the obvious. It’s mind-numbingly frustrating.

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    1. Maybe it’s a Jeep thing? You know, wave and be happy that someone else owns a high maintenance bucket of bolts just like you do. No offense, Jeeps are great fun, but very impractical for a family. Like religion.


      1. ha, ha. I’ve only ridden in a jeep once and it was in the wintertime, on ice — I was terrified. I got a drive with another person somewhere and we left my front-wheel drive Jetta (with good snow tires) at his place. What a mistake! Yes, impracticality – in spades!

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  2. The apologetics believe they have adequately explained their nothing. But in the end they are still left with nothing.

    I had a friend a long time ago with a CJ5, that thing rode like a buckboard with an overly stiff suspension. Every little crack in the road felt like a bump, every bump felt like a pothole, every pothole felt like you got hit by a train.

    Never bought a Jeep for some reason…

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  3. This was spot-on: … yet act like they are gut shot if you question the validity of their faith or their story.

    My other-half has a 2004 Jeep (2-door hardtop) and we use it all the time to run around town since it’s soooo easy to park. It’s also our tow vehicle for our motorhome. No complaints.

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    1. I think that was old jeeps mostly. I have a buddy with one and he’s ALWAYS working on it. But he loves it. He’s used to working on something that never works as he’s also a xtian lol

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      1. We had a 1998 before this one. It ran good — and looked good (my guy is a real stickler for that) — but it was starting to leak around the windshield and various other little irritations so he traded it in on the 2004.

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