The Incredible Coyote and Western Morality

How killing for fun is not only a Christian Right, but a value

Christian vulgarity has reigned it’s bullets down on the North American coyote for over 100 years. The longest standing extermination order in history has killed millions of coyotes and continues its bounty program in most states. Competitive hunts sponsored throughout the nation each year with cash prizes and trophies instill to our kids the right obligation to kill for fun.

“One morning in the late 1930s, the biologist Adolph Murie stood near a game trail in Yellowstone National Park and watched a passing coyote joyously toss a sprig of sagebrush in the air with its mouth, adroitly catch it, and repeat the act every few yards. At the time, Mr. Murie was conducting a federal study intended to prove, definitively, that the coyote was “the archpredator of our time.” But Mr. Murie, whose work ultimately exonerated the animals, was more impressed by that sprig-tossing — proof, he believed, of the joy a wild coyote took in being alive in the world” (1)

The majority of politicians have failed to address this with any passion, and being the good, high moral standard western value Christians that they are, continue the killing spree. A useless torture that drives the coyote without mercy and without effect. “Under persecution, the biologists argued, evolved colonizing mechanisms kicked in for coyotes. They have larger litters. If alpha females die, beta females breed. Pressured, they engage an adaptation called fission-fusion, with packs breaking up and pairs and individuals scattering to the winds and colonizing new areas. In full colonization mode, the scientists found, coyotes could withstand as much as a 70 percent yearly kill rate without suffering any decline in their total population”.

Hunters have their ultimate victim to hunt—one that can outbreed the continued onslaught. How fun is it? While the coyote is hunted for sport, they die in earnest. Leave them to experience their joy, and populations will mitigate in their own necessary way.

Christian values and morals once again are superior delayed in common decency and way off the mark—unless your talking killing for sport.


Author: jimoeba

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22 thoughts on “The Incredible Coyote and Western Morality”

      1. We kill them first, tag them as endangered and watch them die then change the board to extinct. I read somewhere that we’re responsible for extinction of more than 300 different species. Isn’t that horrendous?

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  1. I used to try to hunt coyotes, as you know if you read very far into my book. After reading J. Frank Dobie’s “The Voice of the Coyote,” I never wanted to harm one again. He also changed my opinion on rattlesnakes–not that I want to be friends with them.

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  2. In the eastern US, we have coyotes now, and I don’t remember them from before. They’ve interbred occasionally with wolves and dogs, so they have even more genetic resilience. They’re moving into the suburbs, and are even found in DC. I’ll keep my cat inside, and let the coyotes range free. (Maybe they will be able to do something about all those dratted geese!)

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    1. I have not. Premise? Compelling evidence is mounding up in favor of these soul-less, unfeeling animals and how they experience life is totally counter to what I was taught in the church.

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    2. I just googled it. Interesting. If one only takes the time to actually observe things for themselves it is much different than the Christian upbringing implies, which has been my soapbox since deconversion.

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  3. I find it very difficult to read such posts – no bad reflection on you , of course. I experience similar feelings when I read how rhino are decimated in my own country.
    It simply tears me to pieces.
    It is for such reasons that I became vegetarian and eventually I shall be fully vegan.

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  4. I’m sure you know I abhor this sort of senseless killing, carried out by Wildlife Services (lovely ironic name) with our tax dollars. Here in Colorado, the game division wants to kill off the bears and mountain lions so we can have more ungulates grazing everything in sight and getting hit by cars. Stupid.

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  5. The price paid for pointlessly killing predators is a dear one. Moreover, all needless killing of animals is wrong, says the immoral, convinced atheist.

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    1. Part of the doctrine is to subdue and have dominion. To hell with inferior, soulless life. The ripple effect of what was once naturally flowing is tragic and painful

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  6. Not many christians are bothered by this. Why should they, when you hear them quote from their holy book, that god commanded them to subdue the earth.

    It is for this very reason that many christians are nonchalant when we talk about climate change

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