Even With Gods—Haiku Challenge

Temptations of Gods

I Write Her weekly photo challenge with Susi Bocks. Photo—Ash D Soloman—Lucid Being

#1—Sinful God

In the Gaelic wind—

God repents a wistful glance—

At earthly pleasure—

#2—The Unfolding

Impetuous acts—

Reveal true characters—

Confronted by strength—


Thunder recoils—

As the hedge-witch reposes—

Confronting spirits—

And one bonus haiku at no extra charge—


God himself travails—

Broken from his own restraint—

To glimpse wild beauty—


The image of god caste by the writers as a ‘perfect innocent’ of any wrong doing is in fact a type and shadow of the men of power. Who but the aspiring and entrenched ‘men of words’ can declare their innocence time and again from the same breath that inflicts? Who but god (the writers) can tip their hand in blood and horrors and and call it good? Even very good—Taking a stand against this entrenched deception is in fact the absolute morality the religious seek.

Bending your mind to appease a nefarious belief and honoring atrocious behavior through faith is an obvious sleight of hand played on the trusting minds of humanity.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

28 thoughts on “Even With Gods—Haiku Challenge”

  1. Are you familiar with Mark Twain’s letters from the earth? In it, he says men allow god to get away with things they would put their next door neighbour in goal for

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    1. I love letters from the earth. MaryP recommended it to me about a year ago. How would you like to have YHWY for a neighbor? Citing new laws off the cuff and constant threats.

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  2. I especially like your first one. Also #4 “hits home.” #3 takes a bit more thought related to its core meaning. Not sure at all about #2.

    Interesting that what you saw in the image tends to go along with the many discussions that take place on this blog. 🙂

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    1. Well keeping with the irreligious theme seemed only right since all of the implications of a god only mirrors the worst of those in power at the time. Think trump for #2…

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  3. I’m impressed by the wonderful poems and that you used hedge witch correctly. Even the Wiccans find their way cast into Jim’s poetic cauldron (respectfully, of course).

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