The Double Slit- A Practical Application

Most of you are familiar with the double slit experiment in physics where photons change their behavior and properties merely because they are being observed. It’s just barely more detailed than that, but if you’re not up to speed in armchair physics click HERE for a five minute cartoon summary. What physicists fail to realize is we’ve been watching this behavior in the theological sciences for many years with much bigger particles than quantum mechanics. In fact, entire organisms have displayed the “particle duality” phenomena. The quantum model of the universe has been masterfully hidden… Right in plain sight!

“What do you mean” you say? If you “observe” Theists they behave predictable and conform to well established patters. But alas, when alone the behavior becomes less predictable. The pattern becomes unpredictable. But a new super secret recording device has been remotely observing this phenomenon. Google has surpassed Shakira with a new number one hit “Their clicks don’t lie”. Without any prejudice they have found the highest population of religious coincide with the highest use of hetero and gay porn based on clicks per 1000 in population. Utah and Mississippi neck and neck for first place. But when they are under normal observation there in no indication that they are randomly straying off the detection screen. So (c1)<c2= p=hx2) = (piety =hypocrisy squared) And I thought they were anti porn. Hmm.

So physicists are right after all. What can be discovered in the quantum world is a predictor of what we already find in the macro world. We just had to look in plain sight. This is why they say—

Why do you always take two Mormons fishing with you? If you only take one he’ll drink all your beer.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

14 thoughts on “The Double Slit- A Practical Application”

    1. Thanks John. As an ex religioso and a science fan I have been thinking about this one a while. Having been viewing this hypocrisy most of my life it felt fitting.

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  1. Your post brings to mind a somewhat related concept illustrated by the Biblical verse, “Where the law is, sin abounds.”

    I think if we become simply fixated in what’s wrong, we are the more drawn to that thing. On the other hand, if we focus on love, freedom, and grace in our lives, we are drawn and shaped by that… in a more healthy and balanced way.


    1. That’s because “sin” is created by the law. “Where there is no law there is no transgression”. Theology establishes a set of rules and then calls it sin if they’re broken. The other take would be without the laws a person is guiltless. How could one be punished for a religious law they didn’t know. Well my old baptist grandmother believed all those Chinese without Jesus were going to hell. The endless debate can go on forever. The Bible is designed that way. It requires your full attention as a distraction to keep the religious preoccupied with conjecture and conformity while the real life goes on. They sold a bill of goods that already exists! The world is not nearly as bad as they sell it. There is a plethora of joy and enlightenment in the world for non believers. The most stressed and medicated lot is the Christian religions


    1. Yes I guess. Go back to bed? I guess they just don’t want to show what they really do to the public. Sound familiar? Lol


      1. All too familiar Jim. All too familiar. I spent time in a church or two in my days. I have seen and heard what these people say and do. They live more along the lines of “believe what I say, and don’t say what I do” 😉

        Couple that with all of the rest of the nonsense, I just never could get a good foothold in religion, my brain kept telling this was bullshit!

        Which makes deconversion stories like yours very compelling to me. I can’t imagine having to dig my way out mentally, after being so deeply invested. I was lucky.

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        1. My brain told me that a lot too. But your safely surrounded by people convincing you to hang in there. Ya just gotta have faith. All I needed was some time alone. Really not that hard in that respect once you look outside. Thanks


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