Basic Botany-The Christian Model

Each plant, no matter how simple, requires several elements to maintain health to grow to maturity and become useful. See the chart below, as each part plays a role in getting good health to the table.

Mental health is the same way, but one large segment of our society seems to think the one ingredient approach will lead to happiness, so one element it is. Bible. It has no mental nutrition. It is filled with fabled hear say and less net caloric benefit to the brain then chewing gum. It keeps your mind and thought separate from reality, and poses contradictions that drain the mind of creativity and rationale. It does polish your ability to make excuses though, which is why the Bible Belt leads the nation in obesity. Spiritually fattened cells store noxious, venomous rhetoric that is useless to society when dormant, and a drag on society when it’s not. Here below is the problem.

The Christian literary diet contains 66 books, all with the same ingredients, and videos about the books. It’s the equivalent of trying to live on cotton candy. It looks good, has flavor, but has no nutrition and is never filling. For desired mental health and balance, one ingredient is a disaster, growing pretentious brains unable to see clear or decipher fallacy and deception, and live in fear. But it certainly makes one “think”, they know it all. The cure? That’s easy, but it’s hard, as the medicine requires one to broaden their mind, while having a small mind. Very challenging. Realizing your potential requires one to reach out and yearn to learn about the world around us. It’s ok to try it. There’s a lot of brain food available, you just have to take it in.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

28 thoughts on “Basic Botany-The Christian Model”

      1. Sorry Ron. I didn’t know you’d be watching or I would’ve blackened that one out. I know how traumatic it can be, even the thoughts that arise, from seeing the nasty book from the heel.

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  1. Excellent! “To broaden the mind while having a small mind being hard” reminds me of an analogy of “use it or lose it”. After years of lazy small thinking or no thinking, really, only a few can set themselves free. It’s a giant trap and there are many intellectually lazy people.

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  2. My top three corrections to the bookshelf:

    “Bible bookshelf” could just get renamed “Fiction.”

    “Song of Solomon” needs a cover and should be placed in the adult section, along with Genesis and half the OT.

    The categories of “history” really need scare quotes. I mean, Acts is where pentecostals derive their name and rolling around in their aisles on Sunday.

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    1. Rated M for mature, acted out by morons that had all the fun and then said we can’t have any. Is it adults only because if murder, rape, or philandering polygamous cheats? All the above? The SOS doesn’t need a cover, Christians already wear blinders. Obviously the pious ones that act shocked about immorality, have never read their own scripture.

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  3. In reality, Song of Solomon should be in magazine form so you can slip it under your mattress. Prudish eyes are less likely to find it there ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. @ Ben, I keep hearing how sulatious that book of the bible is. You realize it is getting harder to avoid reading with such glowing reports recommending it. Dang. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜Ž Hugs

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      1. It’s full of a lot of poetic descriptions of lovers and their”activities”. It’s full of metaphors and other ways to describe what they are doing without actually saying it. Although the man does get fairly descriptive speaking of his lover’s body. It’s a…um… passionate story. We’ll leave it at that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          1. Anybody who has kids in a Sunday School where they teach this stuff needs to pull them out of there and run. This is not kid’s stuff and I’m frankly very confused as to why it’s in the Bible at all.

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  4. I think that all of us who have tried the one ingredient diet know how harmful it is, especially to your mental well-being. It causes some people to hear voices, believe things that aren’t real, give their money away to liars and thieves and that’s not all. Your vision is affected in a very negative way. You see people differently than you should. You view their lifestyle in a way that makes everything your business. You see everyone who is not like you as the ones who are sick, never knowing your mental malnutrition is actually killing you. You’re so busy looking at the would through your damaged eyes that you can’t see yourself deteriorating in your own mirror.

    Poor diet clouds your judgement and makes you act irrationally. A balanced diet is the best way to go. Food that makes you sick should not be ingested again even if someone tells you that it’s safe and that maybe you just didn’t prepare it properly back when it made you ill. Poison is poison no matter how you serve it up.

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  5. I like the cotton candy analogy. And you’re right: it is easy but hard. Simply open up the complexity of your intellect. I think it’s best to start with knowing that you know little, then being encouraged rather than discouraged by the fact the more you know the more you know how little you know.

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