Initiation Mythology—A Rite of Passage

How Christianity is now a barrier to human development.

Abrahamic mythology has raised a barrier to western progress and thought the past two thousand years. It’s a truly despicable way to think about things—convincing much of the world that they are unworthy, incapable, and merely orphans created out of nothing with no mother, and no true father either—but by adoption we can be tolerated (for how long nobody knows (insert platitudes* here) but god, who can do nothing wrong in his wrongs.

It is only by grace we are allowed to slog around as incompetent creations of clay, owing our very existence to the father who created us. We deserve to be punished at any and every moment, and the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is the kings guess. He has but one son who is the object of his affection, while the rest of us grovel prostrated in front before him—born guilty and on constant probation with his watchful eye never resting it’s intrusive gaze.

That barrier requires us to crawl to it, to obey ourselves into gods good grace. We owe him everything, primarily because he created us out of nothing, and without him we may not exist at all. You owe him and are forever in debt, and are to thank and praise him no matter how dismal the circumstance.

The test is not to believe and submit as they have us believe, that is done most automatically, deceived from birth to death—we are all under the rule of the collective minds that go nowhere as a people but round—forever postulating and dissipating our spent energies back into the cosmos. The test is to not only not believe it, but also to transcend its limitations—it’s influence, and become a contributor. The first step is unbelief. There is an entirely positive way of seeing the world and humanity, but we have to earn our independence because we deserve it, not because it’s been handed to us.

Paul, if anything, was as a guru placing a test—a barrier in front of the people as a rite of passage. Presenting a circuitous, seemingly unsolvable conundrum before humanity as a means of control until they are ready for the next level.

*platitude/ pladəˌt(y)o͞od/ a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.—Enter religion


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

45 thoughts on “Initiation Mythology—A Rite of Passage”

  1. It always seems to circle back to the central character in this version of what’s at the center of it all. Should there be a spiritual component to the natural world what kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what comes naturally? By extension, why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor? Forever! Just say’n.

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    1. Sticking with my premise for today (I love your quote) but humanity is not ready to wield the power they possess until we can transcend beyond the divisive beliefs. I completely agree with you, but very likely people need to be told what to do, right up until the time they don’t. The key is truly unbelief, but they never would consider it—but when they do, the barrier is broken in a day.


    2. Who says it’s benevolent? Seems like the main motivation is always fear & punishment, near as I can tell. Closer to Epicurus’ malevolent/impotent god.

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  2. This is the most pathetic aspect of Judeo- Christianity to me. That we bought this nonsense and we voluntarily submit ourselves (at least, we did, at one point) to this humiliation that Christopher Hitchens called voluntary slavery, and rightly so. However, keep in mind that there is NO deity behind this, no “Wizard” behind the curtain but the true evil: the snake oil salesmen that have been peddling this nonsense to our ancestors for time immemorial for their own, personal gain. Ever notice however many of these flimflam artists seem to always know what god thinks, what he said or says, how he feels about this or that, etc? Amazing! They can literally explain all the god is, was, does, says, and feels! I can actually hear the coins falling into the “poor boxes” as I write!

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    1. Agreed. I don’t believe I implied there is a god, but the test is to see beyond the actual dogma to arrive at a humanity we are capable of. If we cannot pass this little, pathetic test, how will be responsible to wield such power? It seems to have been necessary, because it actually works that way. No?


  3. Organized religion is indeed nothing more than a plethora of platitudes handed down generation after generation and periodically stoked to murderous folly until a new set of platitudes can be incorporated; a new clique of God-pretenders installed in lucrative positions and the game, having thus been revitalized (upgraded) carries on with a new set of players joining in. It’s mindless, it’s stupid, how could it not be popular? The point, apart from the obvious: it’s profitable, is it’s a war against man’s mind. Well stated, Jim.

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    1. Moving beyond belief mode and submission and excepting personal responsibility is the biggest challenge of our era. My wife tells me not to get angry, and I’m not angry, but it is time for people to wake up to what little time we may have left


      1. They won’t wake up, Jim, they can’t. They are programmed. The system we live in is a triumvirate of powers: God, Government and Gold as rawgod often reminds us. Civilization is a three-legged system and if one leg is pulled out the whole thing collapses. The more “in” people are, the more they are aware of this and the more they make allowances for the other powers. God needs government and gold. Government needs God and gold and gold needs God and government. There is more faith on Wall Street than in any mega church. Jesus purportedly said, ‘no one can serve two masters, etc. No one can serve both, God and money.’ Jesus was totally wrong. He had no concept of political power or economics and he failed to see the connection between the Pharisees, the Teachers of the Law, the Sadducees and imperial Rome. He was blinded by his own faith and now we have Christianity and Islam to contend with, both extremely comfortable with government and gold. Some individuals can get out from faith in one or the other and aren’t worth chasing and killing off but the Sheeple, the silent majority, the ‘Deplorables’ if you will, provide the System’s fuel and they cannot be allowed to escape and they won’t. ‘Nuff for now!

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  4. Yep! Meanwhile, this Freethinking Humanist and Twisted Heathen is loving all of life, liberated and FREE to take full ownership for every word, action, silence or inaction done or not done… and more than happy to learn from mistakes and smile (humbly) at victories! Happy to do the same for others in public — with a few important conditions of course. 🙂

    So… does it get any more simple?

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      1. Oh. Well ain’t THAT unfortunate. You’ll miss out on all that life has to offer if you stay there meditating that long! Hahahaha!!! It’s all going to pass you by! Then you die.

        But to each his/her own, huh?

        Can I AT LEAST tempt you in attending the world renown Synchronized Lightning Bugs in the Smoky Mountains… or… or standing at the top of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro… or… or… an all night drum circle and dancing around a huge bonfire in the Sonoran Desert of New Mexico under all the blinking stars and wolves howling!!!!!????

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        1. Get thee behind me satan! You failed to mention the whitely dressed female pagans dancing round that bon Fire. Ok, i give up! And just think of all those good vibes we’re sending into the matrix with such naturally positive energy!!

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          1. Hahahaha!!! He’s AAAAAHHH-LIIIIIIIEE-VVVVVVVVEEEEE!!! 🤗

            Indeed! Spooky action at a distance my Friend! My tribesman! Life, the stuff that pumps in your veins and is replenished by sucking its marrow…

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          2. On sort of my own musical marrow-dance at the moment… the kind that summons our primal nature, connecting us inextricably to this Pale-blue dot of a planet and her rhythms, cycles, and beat.

            Sorry if it’s a bit much. Showing my humanity while grinning at those who would steal it… with reptilian eyes and bones as my drum-sticks. 😈 With good people tonight, my tribe.

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            1. YES!!! Now, I’ve had to sell most all of my drums, drum-kit and my indigenous drums too, my Djembe, Djun Djun, Tar, and wooden Cajon — that last one hurt. But…

              Like that fabulous touring show called Stomp, you can literally make percussion with almost anything!!!!

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            2. HAH!!! So true. In fact, some of histories most genius compositions start that way:

              piano… mezzo piano… crescendo to forte… and to Fortissimo that makes some tremble! All very natural and invigorating… life-giving.

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            3. Not to belabor my intense love for rhythm Jim… something so natural, so ingrained in our DNA for thousands upon thousands of years. And not just in rhythm, BPM, but as I know Christine will attest… in the flow and movement of the human body, its lines, and full expression. Regarding percussion is everywhere… 1 of my buddies mentioned these. How is this not captivating?


            4. Grrrrrrrr, my friend… I must bid adieu. 😦 I have guests wanting more “hydration” and another genre of music that is…

              well, let’s just say… the Natural rhythm/beat of Earth and Us… about 100 – 120(?) BPM. 🙂

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      1. That is a great question! I wish I had an answer. I’m plugging away daily in this biography, but a long way to go. Then I will get bored and work on a second draft of the gold rush book. Or start the third and fourth book ideas!

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            1. I learned a little history of my current home town last week (I’m new here) Back in the late 1890s there were “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters of Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp and Doc Holiday for claim jumping. That would be a poster I’d like to have.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t think the challenge was the intent, but that is what it has become. It is void of growth and stagnant or worse for many years.


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