The Mysteries

Nothing unravels the mysteries like unbelief. That is the key. They want us to believe, then have us solving unsolvable puzzles the rest of our lives that are easily thwarted without faith. They say with god all things are possible—the opposite is true as always.

The blinders of belief in god are the ultimate distraction to a fulfilling life. The mysteries of god are but a controlling distraction designed to waste time in conjecture. Religion is the divisive wedge that separates. It’s only complicated with faith in the absurdities of a god.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

12 thoughts on “The Mysteries”

    1. I do find it interesting how blatantly obvious the BS is outside of faith. Really it’s just almost hard to believe someone could believe in a god sitting out there controlling the universe like a spoon bender.

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          1. No, no, sorry… I meant the trick is for the average *theist* to not think about it. Neptune only knows, you spend three-minutes putting some actual thought into this business and you arrive at “Wait, what…” 🙂

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            1. That’s where I have real sympathy for Americans. You guys have it much harder as it’s all around you, and people take it quite seriously. It’s just not a big deal in Australia. It’s actually considered bad form to even talk about religion in a social setting, and it’s an absolute taboo in politics.

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